Sunday, 24 May 2009

Dungeons and Dragons

Name: Chief Mighty Horse
Race: Native American
Class: Hunter
Special Ability: Spiritual awsomeness!
Quest: To hunt down the foul bison minotaur that haunts his homeland

Jack Hol├Žnder: Yo yo! Drawing fantasy is total masturbation! Details, details, details... So instead of all the details I just added some harmless wankin', jerkin', pullin' the old McJohnson, strokin' the dragon, caressing Mr Fatface, rubbin' the one-eyed demon and so on.
So what we have here, is a young korean battlemage, a mighty afroamerican dwarf, an undead knight, a dexterious mexican elf, a mysterious metrosexual Uni-taur, a fierce babyeatin' goblin and last, but not least, an enormous Jesus Giant.
And I'm a passive aggressive flirtatious dendrophile, with stats that will leave you and your mom in definite awe!

Albert Hovercraft:
Little late, couldn't get the submarine started, so I was stranded at the lab for a couple of days.

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