Sunday, 31 May 2009

Arkham Asylum

Chief Mighty Horse is Arkham Asylum!
From top left:KiwiBoy,Catwoman,Scarface,KillerCroc,PoisonIvy,ManBat,MizzleFreezzle

heres' a sheet if you wanna make your own Arkham Asylum inmates, or if you wanna cut them out and put them in your wallet pretending to date the Kiwi. Either would be cool with the Chief

Jack Holænder: 'Finally done!'

Albert Hovercraft: I think I owe these guys an apology. I'll have to draw them all again some time. Sad story.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Dungeons and Dragons

Name: Chief Mighty Horse
Race: Native American
Class: Hunter
Special Ability: Spiritual awsomeness!
Quest: To hunt down the foul bison minotaur that haunts his homeland

Jack Holænder: Yo yo! Drawing fantasy is total masturbation! Details, details, details... So instead of all the details I just added some harmless wankin', jerkin', pullin' the old McJohnson, strokin' the dragon, caressing Mr Fatface, rubbin' the one-eyed demon and so on.
So what we have here, is a young korean battlemage, a mighty afroamerican dwarf, an undead knight, a dexterious mexican elf, a mysterious metrosexual Uni-taur, a fierce babyeatin' goblin and last, but not least, an enormous Jesus Giant.
And I'm a passive aggressive flirtatious dendrophile, with stats that will leave you and your mom in definite awe!

Albert Hovercraft:
Little late, couldn't get the submarine started, so I was stranded at the lab for a couple of days.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Bubble Goose Stand-Off

Chief Mighty Horse says; " bring the sexy back!"

1.image:almost all mediums I could find on my desk, rest:Indian ink and gouache

Albert Hovercraft says: "Goose hunting season!"

All Drawings: black marker and colored pencils.
(sorry for the bad quality. I haven't got a scanner at the moment, but I'll update these as soon as I get my hands on one.)

Jack Holænder: Let's get it on!