Sunday, 27 September 2009

Street Fighter Galore

Jack Hol├Žnder: We're back! We've had our gay little summer break, but now we're back! Stronger, clevererer and probably more handsome!
I sincerely feel that the street fighter universe is a great accelerator to start drawing again after a break. How can you NOT be inspired by this stuff? seriously!
I went for the cheap look here. The airbrushed glowy cheap look. It was fun.
PS. I KNOW that Nash is not from street fighter III, but from the alpha series. Don't fucking test me in street fighter! Or you will wake up with uncomfortably small balls! You wanna know why I put Nash in there? Huh? You wanna know? Because he has an awesome hair due, so fuck you!

Chief Mighty Horse: Pay homage to the brutal but also extremely gentle street fighters. I don't really know alot of the fancy fighters from after the first Street Fighter II, other than that Elena girl..... DAMN!

Albert Hovercraft: Streetfighting, almost as good as Fightclubbing. A real gentleman's sport.