Sunday, 31 May 2009

Arkham Asylum

Chief Mighty Horse is Arkham Asylum!
From top left:KiwiBoy,Catwoman,Scarface,KillerCroc,PoisonIvy,ManBat,MizzleFreezzle

heres' a sheet if you wanna make your own Arkham Asylum inmates, or if you wanna cut them out and put them in your wallet pretending to date the Kiwi. Either would be cool with the Chief

Jack Hol├Žnder: 'Finally done!'

Albert Hovercraft: I think I owe these guys an apology. I'll have to draw them all again some time. Sad story.


  1. how cool is that???
    Even though I'm a really serious person (and you know that)
    I laughed so much.
    Kiwiboy's my favourite though.
    good work old boyo.

  2. I'm sure gonna print those out!