Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Our Golden Time

Mighty Horse: The three dinosaurs have retired and are spending their golden years sitting in their Millenium Falcon, playing holo-chess and sipping juice.

Albert Hovercaft: In a not too distant future...

Jack: ''Do you remember the t--''

Chief: ''No.''

Albert: ''What?!''

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Burning Wet Dino-Whores

Mighty Horse: My teenage fantasy

Albert Hovercraft: Every Palontogist's wet dream. but definetely my nightmare.

Jack Holænder: Guess who the whores and the pimp are . . .

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Tengu Tendencies

Mighty Horse: the Yakuza sometimes hire the Tengu for their dirty work, which eventually leads to bloody confrontations. It is truly sad to see the once majestic creature stoop down to the level of a goon, killing its own kin. Truly sad....

Jack Holænder: ...

Albert Hovercraft: Back in '93 there were tengu kids all over my hometown.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Leftys Deadly Warriors

Chief Mighty Horse: From the top- Ultron, a machine more packed with firepower than you could ever imagine, even in your wetest dreams. Sonia, deadly warrior princess with the scars to prove it, nuff said! Vexxard, firebreathing, knuckle punching, gun shooting, tail clubbing, home cooking etc. Is there anything this guy can't do?

Jack Holænder: Rhimgarr is a lv. 12 Barbarian. He can shape shift into this diabolic man-creature. The blade of the sword is crystal. His finger nails, toe nails and shoulder spikes have been dipped in deadly green fish poison. He can see through most things with his red glowy gypsy vision. He can breath a 70-30 split of steaming hot fire from the deepest pits of Hell and regular (but just as deadly) lazer. And he can solve a rubix cube in under a minute using only hip movements.

Albert Hovercraft:What can I say it's got laser.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Beyond the Thrice-Nine Lands in the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom

Chief Mighty Horse: Sonia is trapped in her dream of Russia long forgotten. She was told that Perun favors the bold, but her companion Konek-Gorbunok still thinks the Babushka forest is bad juju

Jack Holænder: ''ЛЭТС ГЕТ ИТ ОН БИАЧЭСЬ!''

Albert Hovercraft: It's back to the olden days with this one.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Night of the Birdmen

Chief Mighty Horse:
Don't let your daughters go out and lock your front doors, for this be the night of birdmen

Albert Hovercraft: My studies show that there are innumerable different kinds of birdmen out there. So watch out because only of them are friendly.

Jack Holænder: The Birdmen has done something very bad...

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Street Fighter Galore

Jack Holænder: We're back! We've had our gay little summer break, but now we're back! Stronger, clevererer and probably more handsome!
I sincerely feel that the street fighter universe is a great accelerator to start drawing again after a break. How can you NOT be inspired by this stuff? seriously!
I went for the cheap look here. The airbrushed glowy cheap look. It was fun.
PS. I KNOW that Nash is not from street fighter III, but from the alpha series. Don't fucking test me in street fighter! Or you will wake up with uncomfortably small balls! You wanna know why I put Nash in there? Huh? You wanna know? Because he has an awesome hair due, so fuck you!

Chief Mighty Horse: Pay homage to the brutal but also extremely gentle street fighters. I don't really know alot of the fancy fighters from after the first Street Fighter II, other than that Elena girl..... DAMN!

Albert Hovercraft: Streetfighting, almost as good as Fightclubbing. A real gentleman's sport.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Space Adventures

Jack Holænder: HA!!! Im the first one to post this week! suck on that one guys!
This guy was trying to smuggle space dope into centrinome 5! so of course, the laser cowboy (slash) space adventure Colonel Gordon Mcman, had to take him out with a paralyzing left hand death jab and shoot randomly around in the cold space air simply for dramatic effect!Chief Mighty Horse: I am sucking on it Mr. Holænder and it tastes good but kind of salty.
This dual wielding space lad just ran into a astronaut zombie. Good thing he brought along his broadsword. Not many adventurers bring those anymore, even thou its the perfect weapon against the floating dead!

Albert Hovercraft:
Better late than never. I had to do some research on this one. And while doing it I accedentally travelled a bit into the future, and I don't really know how to get back at the moment. So here it is, a live study from the Crab-Nebula.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Maritime Shamanism

Albert Hovercraft: Fresh Sagas from the sea. "...And you know who you are like a shout out."

Chief Mighty Horse: Do you hear... sunken bells are tolling for thee. Out of caverns of num-yabisc, dark and terrible deep, the ocean is calling her children home.

Jack Holænder: How would you cocksuckin' scurvy sea dogs like a cup of voodoo! or perhaps even TWO...cups of voodoo! YARGH!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Arkham Asylum

Chief Mighty Horse is Arkham Asylum!
From top left:KiwiBoy,Catwoman,Scarface,KillerCroc,PoisonIvy,ManBat,MizzleFreezzle

heres' a sheet if you wanna make your own Arkham Asylum inmates, or if you wanna cut them out and put them in your wallet pretending to date the Kiwi. Either would be cool with the Chief

Jack Holænder: 'Finally done!'

Albert Hovercraft: I think I owe these guys an apology. I'll have to draw them all again some time. Sad story.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Dungeons and Dragons

Name: Chief Mighty Horse
Race: Native American
Class: Hunter
Special Ability: Spiritual awsomeness!
Quest: To hunt down the foul bison minotaur that haunts his homeland

Jack Holænder: Yo yo! Drawing fantasy is total masturbation! Details, details, details... So instead of all the details I just added some harmless wankin', jerkin', pullin' the old McJohnson, strokin' the dragon, caressing Mr Fatface, rubbin' the one-eyed demon and so on.
So what we have here, is a young korean battlemage, a mighty afroamerican dwarf, an undead knight, a dexterious mexican elf, a mysterious metrosexual Uni-taur, a fierce babyeatin' goblin and last, but not least, an enormous Jesus Giant.
And I'm a passive aggressive flirtatious dendrophile, with stats that will leave you and your mom in definite awe!

Albert Hovercraft:
Little late, couldn't get the submarine started, so I was stranded at the lab for a couple of days.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Bubble Goose Stand-Off

Chief Mighty Horse says; " bring the sexy back!"

1.image:almost all mediums I could find on my desk, rest:Indian ink and gouache

Albert Hovercraft says: "Goose hunting season!"

All Drawings: black marker and colored pencils.
(sorry for the bad quality. I haven't got a scanner at the moment, but I'll update these as soon as I get my hands on one.)

Jack Holænder: Let's get it on!